Prairie Doll Cupboard Tuck Country Primitive Handcrafted Blue Stripe

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Cute prairie doll's body is sewn from tan-dyed muslin.  The doll is inside a small dress pouch made from a light tan and navy blue striped calico print fabric.  The dress is gathered around the doll's neck.

The prairie doll wears a scarf of osnaburg and an apron which was torn from a strip of muslin with a laser-print transfer.  The apron and scarf are attached to the doll with simple twine ties.

She stands about 8-1/4 inches tall and she's 3-inches wide and almost 2-inches in depth.  The doll and her clothing have been stained with walnut ink for an aged appearance but there are no big blotches of dark stain anywhere on her. 

This style of doll has no arms, legs or face.  The body is lightly weighted with plastic pellets.  She won't stand on her own but the weighted bottom helps her to balance a bit when leaned against a wall or shelf.

The doll was handcrafted by us here at Little Coon Creek from all new materials using a great pattern by Peach Bottom Primitives.