Mug Tree Primitive Star Country Kitchen Cup Holder

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Metal mug tree stands about 20-1/2 inches tall.

It has a matte black finish brushed with metallic copper.  There's a primitive folk star at the top and hangers for 6 good-sized coffee mugs.

The welding is roughly done where the parts are joined -- overall it's got a great country primitive or perhaps a Colonial look about it.

The mug tree comes in 4 parts; the base, two mid sections and the top star.  They'll all need screwed together but it's easy enough because there's only one single way that the pieces fit together.

Plan ahead -- measure where you might place this item.  The space between my own kitchen counter and wall cabinets is not high enough to accommodate this item.  You'll need 21 inches for clearance.

An attractive item for a country prim kitchen, imported.