12mm Solid Black Round Safety Eyes Craft Supplies 6-Pkg

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12mm (about 1/2 inch) solid black round 'safety eyes' for dolls, bears and critters.

These eyes are black plastic with ridged shanks which are inserted through a small hole in the project.  On the flip side, a plastic washer gets pushed onto the shank which creates a tighter grip on the eye piece.

*** Please use caution when creating items for very young children when using this product.  For our smallest of younglings (and also for our pets), eyes which are stitched on using floss or felt are always more safe.  These are often termed 'safety eyes' because they're less likely to fall out when an item like a teddy bear is hugged, tossed, stomped on... however, they're not safe for children and pets who may chew them and bite off small pieces which would potentially be choking hazards.

These 12mm doll, bear and critter eyes come 6 to a package (6 eyes and 6 washers.)