About Us

Little Coon Creek runs off the larger Coon Creek near our summer cottage in the area of Clarion, Pennsylvania. Its brisk clear water is the home for several species of game fish, including brook trout, and beaver dams provide areas of the creek that are deep enough for swimming.  The first image in our home page carousel is indeed an actual photo of Little Coon Creek.

Along the banks of Little Coon Creek stand the remnants of an old stone bridge, dating back to the mid-1800's when the area was booming with loggers. Not far from the bridge was a settlement, long-abandoned and now overgrown, but the foundations of what were once buildings and homes and the pit from the town well can still be seen.  

The thick forest that surrounds the cottage is quite primitive, allowing for scenic hikes and wild berry picking.

Little Coon Creek Patterns & Crafts was established in 1992. After 25+ years of tailoring and doing craft shows, we've put together a pattern gallery that we hope will bring a smile and inspire creativity.  

Little Coon Creek Patterns and Crafts and Clarion House Collectibles are family-owned and home-based mail order businesses. We're located in beautiful Southwest Pennsylvania north of the Pittsburgh area.

We've enjoyed great success with our handmade items at art and craft fairs since the early 80's and in 1992 Little Coon Creek Patterns & Crafts was established.

Our Little Coon Creek patterns are great to whip up for craft shows -- lots of dolls, raggedies, snowmen and ornaments. Snowmen are our favorites. The patterns have easy to follow directions and illustrations where needed.

Patterns are full-size and our printed patterns come packaged in a 6 by 9-inch clear zipper lock bag with the materials list on the back and a high quality digital photo print on the cover. The instructions include illustrations where needed. Our e-patterns include a cover sheet with a full color photograph and materials list.

Little Coon Creek patterns may be made for fun or for profit by individuals at craft shows, consignment shops, craft malls, internet sales and auctions and the like.

The printed patterns may not be reproduced without consent. All rights reserved.