Chicks Peeps Primitive Spring Easter 3-Set Country Home Decor

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Product Overview

Prim spring chicks are made of yellow felt with orange felt feet and beaks.  The eyes are black beads and each little chick has a tuft of pale yellow feathers on the top of its head.

The ribbon around the chicks' necks is embroidered with the word 'PEEP.'  Each chick is very lightweight and about 3-1/2 inches tall.

These are heavily stained and grunged!  They're one of those things that just are so badly done that they're cute.

The chicks have hanging loops so they can be used on a spring mini tree or just place them in a bowl or plate for a cute prim Easter accent.

These are new items but are manufactured to appear old and dirty.  They come as a set of 3 as shown, imported.