Tart Warmer Wax Melter Small Kettle Black Tin Happy Happy Happy Primitive Colonial Home Decor

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Product Description

Country or cottage style small tart warmer is punched with the words 'Happy Happy Happy' surrounded by a frame and sunshine ray design. 

The joints are done quite primitively and the finish is called Kettle Black which is really almost-not-quite black, more like a very very matte dark gray.  Some striations and imperfections from the rolling process of the metal are evident along with some rusty areas which add to the overall appeal of the item.

It comes in two parts.  The base has a black electrical cord with on-off switch.  The upper well is removable.  Dimensions are about 4 by 4 by 9 inches when it's all put together.

The tart warmer comes with a 25 watt candelabra-based bulb as shown.

This is a new item which is manufactured to appear old.  Made in the USA.

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